Who am I?

I'm a Senior UX/UI designer with a multidisciplinary background in communications, public relations, education, news and digital marketing. Currently based in Toronto. I focus on User Research, Interaction Design, Accessibility Design and Design System.

As a designer, my biggest drive is to develop meaningful and intuitive designs to solve real-life problems, while taking into accounts the balance of business needs and technical constraints.

How did I get into UX?

Before pivoting to UX, I spent over 6 years working in the communications field. One of my proudest career highlights is when I was working in the public relations arm of the Hong Kong Government. I was the Press Officer chiefly responsible for creating editorial content and handling media relations.

I realized my passion for UX design when I took charge of designing press kits for the media for an international Expo gathering businesses from 72+ countries. I later leveraged this skill to start my own business - Amello Yoga, an e-commerce site launched by myself, from scratch to design, from design to operation. The more I learn about UX design, the more I find myself can't withdraw from this field.

I previously lead design @ Cedulify, a tech startup based in Montreal, to drive design to implementation. I now work @ Ontario Government as a Senior UX Designer to strategize designs that serve all Ontarians.

What is my next step?

I'll be taking the Executive Diploma in Artificial Intelligence for Business at Oxford University in 2024. I aspire to create bigger impacts, harnessing the power of AI, together with professionals worldwide in the cohort.