Who am I?

I'm a UX/UI designer with a multidisciplinary background in communications, public relations, education, news and digital marketing. Currently based in Toronto. I focus on User Research, User Experience Design and Interaction Design.

As a designer, my biggest drive is to develop meaningful and intuitive designs from which users can lead a more delightful life with greater productivity.

How did I get into UX?

Before becoming a UX designer, I spent over 6 years working in the communications field. One of my proudest career highlights is when I was working in the public relations arm of the Hong Kong Government. I was a Press Officer chiefly responsible for creating editorial content and handling media relations.

I realized my passion for UX design when I took charge of designing press kits for the media. I later leveraged my skills acquired to start my own business - Amello Yoga, an e-commerce site launched by myself, from scratch to design, from design to operation. The more I learnt about UX design, the more fascinating I find it is.

In 2021, I relocated to Toronto and I took this opportunity to refine and deepen my knowledge in UX design. I completed a 12-week full time UX design bootcamp with BrainStation and I'm now a UX designer @ Cedulify, a tech startup based in Montreal. I love to create user-centric designs that help pose a positive impact on people's everyday life.